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Support Contracts

Technical support for OpenSSL has long been available through the online collaborative community of OpenSSL team members, other software developers familiar with OpenSSL and cryptography, and knowledgeable users. However, some commercial and government organisations have expressed a desire for a more formal technical support service.

In order to satisfy this demand the OpenSSL team has partnered with a new for-profit corporation formed for the purpose of offering formal paid software support contracts. This new business entity, the OpenSSL Software Foundation (OSF), is incorporated in the United States and acts as the legal agent for the OpenSSL team members providing the technical support services.

For more details on this formal support contract offering please see the support contract FAQ.

At present four different type of support contract are offered. If you have specific requirements not addressed by any of these plans please contact the OSF to discuss custom arrangements.

  • Premium Enterprise Level Support
    Designed for the large enterprise utilising OpenSSL extensively in product lines or critical infrastructure.

  • Vendor Support
    Designed for organisations requiring support of product lines using OpenSSL or for customised in-house versions of OpenSSL.

  • Basic Support
    Basic technical support for application development shops or end users.

  • Incident Based Support
    Per-incident support.

For further information please contact the OSF.